Friday, January 20, 2006

Realism Schmealism

I have recently become involved in a horrific downward spiral where I appear incapable of extended perusal of anything other than a Robert Ludlum tome. Fortunately the bloke is dead (I mean this in the most pleasant and least bloodthirsty sense) and therefore the books are finite in number, but it is mildly alarming that my expertise is so great that I can now predict plot twists and dramatic murders at least three hundred pages in advance of their happening. Anyone who has ever read one of these will know that Ludlum spent 30 years attempting to concoct the world's most ridiculous twist, peaking with his revival of an indomitable one hundred year old bedridden Hitler to lead the 4th Reich. This was accompanied by some laughable dialogue in a vain attempt to disguise the sheer ludicrousness of the idea:

'It can't be!! Oh my God!!'
'Well, it's not impossible..'

No. It's not impossible. The fact that the bloke shot himself in the head, was liberally covered in petrol, brutally disembowelled and burned into several billion tiny particles of ash would render the likelihood slim though, I believe.

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Anonymous Oli said...

Ed Ed Ed.

You can't keep reading Ludlum, it is chewing gum for the eyes. An improbable concept, I know, but more likely to exist than Hitler.

9:46 AM  
Anonymous George said...

good result today, ludlum sounds like crap

11:02 AM  
Blogger Chandler said...

Oli, I know and I agree. Unfortunately, just like chewing gum, Ludlum books have an adhesive quality that forces any reader to keep returning and returning to them. Read the Janson Directive - it's so full of ludicrous plot twists that it would make Dan Brown cry like a baby.

Like the new positive direction Geo, solid stuff.


10:42 AM  

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